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GTS Association with muscat family physicians and SPARSH hospitals bangalore have organized

 Global Treatment Services with muscat family physicians and Sparsh hospitals Bangalore   held an International Medical Conference on Friday, December 2 at Crown Plaza Hotel, Qurum.Dr. Sunil Udhire, Consultant Hematology, Paediatric OncologyBMT physician presented 20 cases for discussion which included benign hematological disorders like Thalassemia, Sickle cell anemia & Haemophilia. He went on to discuss cases on more serious blood cancers like leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, hemoglobinopathies etc.All these blood disorders are very commonly found in Omani population.Dr. Mahesh Rajshekhariah, Consultant HematologyBone Marrow Transplant Physician, elaborated conditions in which a patient has to be referred for Bone Marrow Transplant. He discussed in detail about the selection of patient, preparation, procedure, post BMT care & complications. He also spoke about patients who will need Autologous, Allogenic or Haplo transplant of Stem Cells. "It's a teamwork. Many doctors are involved in deciding the treatment after discussing it. This reduces errors / complications to the minimum& gives best results" both speakers told the audience.Despite long weekend National Day Holidays 50+ doctors ..Oncologist, Hematogist, Pediatricians, InternistsFamily physicians attended the meeting. This reflects the keen interest of doctors practicing in Oman to learnalso the importance of the topics for medical practitioners in Oman. Dr. Sanjay Dalal, founder of Muscat Family Physicians' Group thanked the international speakers for sharing their experience/expertise. Kudos to Doctors practicing in Oman who attended this very educative sessionmaking it lively by their active participation.Conference throws light on blood cancer - Oman Observer

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